ATCO2 project has planned 15 deliverables over the whole project length. 4 deliverables are PUBLIC, others are confidential and only Confidential, only for members of the consortium (including the Commission Services).

As soon as the following PUBLIC deliverables will be accepted by the EC, these deliverables will be uploaded to this web-page.

Deliverable Number -  Deliverable Title -  WP - Type - Date (in months)

D1.1 - Community launch strategy - WP1 - Report - M6

D1.2 - Required number of contributors - WP1 - Report - M12

D6.1 - PEDR - Plan for the Communication Dissemination and Exploitation of Results - WP6 - Report - M6

D7.2 - ATCO2 ’s data management plan - WP7 - ORDP: Open Research Data Pilot - M6